How To Gain A Successful Mindset

Let’s define what a mindset actually is: “A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.”

Naturally, if you have a negative mindset, your response to situations that arise will also be negative, therefore resulting in negative results. You become stuck in a vicious cycle of negativity. The mental attitude we live with determines our lives. Mind becomes matter. The thoughts we constantly create in our minds become reality, no matter how negative or positive they are. You might not believe in this, but take a moment or two to remember when you had a ‘bad day’. For some reason, your day didn’t start off well or something negative happened and turned your whole day into one that you would categorize into the ‘bad days’. If you look back to that day, the whole day just seemed wrong and anything you did just felt wrong too.

But there are good days too, right? Like that day something really great happened to you, for example, you got a promotion or you just started working at your dream job. Whatever the reason, you feel great and everything else starts to take on the same tone.

Things that would bring you even further down the negativity hole on a bad day, you barely notice on a good day. But what can this really tell us? What makes a good day, a good day and the other way around? Our perception.

Our mindset is based on our perception; with a negative perception, everything turns out the same. Successful individuals aren’t born with a ‘successful mindset’ – they create one. What a successful mindset really is, is a mindset in which there is no negativity, self-doubt or room for fear.

The only difference between the less successful and the highly successful people is their way of thinking. One side prefers to believe that they can do anything they put their mind to, they believe in facing their fears and they always go after their dreams – no matter how big or scary they appear to be. That is the way highly successful people behave.

If you don’t have a successful mindset, yet you plan on becoming successful, you are going to need to start gaining one. The first step towards a successful mindset is to believe in yourself 100% – all of the time. Self-belief is the foundation for everything else. You could have all the potential and predispositions that you could possibly need for succeeding, but if you don’t believe that you do, all of it will go to waste.

Self-belief will create confidence, inspiration and determination. And it’s that combination that not only brings you success, but the mindset of the successful!

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