The Negative Effect Of Expectation

We all live our lives expecting things. To fully understand what it is that we all do most of the time, let’s define what expectation actually is: “a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.”

So, expectation can either be negative or positive. However, even the positive expectations sometimes lead us to a spectrum of negativity. Let’s say you are house hunting. Since this is only an example, let’s pretend that money is no obstacle. Considering that money doesn’t represent any limits to you while looking for a new house, you could easily think that you’d find the ideal house the moment you start looking. Life has its way of coming up with new obstacles, even when money isn’t one. Time would play a key factor in your ‘ideal home’ becoming available to purchase, and even when money is not a problem – that creates new problems. Since you’d be giving away much more money, you’d probably want things to be close to perfect, which makes it even harder to find. This is just an example of the many ways we complicate our lives when we expect certain things. Positive expectations are good, they help us maintain a positive outlook, but they often lead to disappointments.

When we get something, no matter how much better that thing is than we expected, it’s hard not to feel disappointed. When we fixate our minds onto certain outcomes and certain results, anything that is even slightly different than the things in our minds creates negativity.

This kind of thinking is very limiting, and is ultimately keeping you back from feeling happy. Fixating your mind onto one result doesn’t only raise the possibility for disappointment or negativity, but it also keeps a blindfold over your eyes for new opportunities and options.

When we stick to just one way out, one result or one outcome, we lose our ability to see the other paths that can also be taken. Even when it comes to problem solving, if you fixate your mind on the assumption that there is only one way to solve it, you’ll not be having an easy time. Creative problem solving is approaching the problem from different aspects, which inevitably means different solutions.

There is never just one way to get to something. The moment you realize that harvesting expectations is one of the worst things that you can do for your chances and success, is the moment that you unleash yourself from being stuck.

It’s down to you. You really don’t even have the right to be expecting things. Start taking action towards the things you want in life and take responsibility for the problems you have in life, and you’ll learn that you don’t need to expect anything.

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