The Real Reason Why You Have A Low Self-Esteem

You don’t deserve that job, do you? In meetings at work, you probably shouldn’t tell your co-workers about that idea you have, they are probably onto something better anyway. And what’s the point of starting up your own business, there are so many of them and more than half of them close by the end of the year. Your partner probably doesn’t always listen to what you say, probably means you should be talking about something more interesting to get them to listen… it’s your fault that nobody ever listens, right? It’s you that has a fault and there must be something wrong with YOU… you just aren’t sure what.

When someone does give you a compliment, you believe that they made poor judgment, you don’t deserve compliments, you are not good enough…right?

Or are you good enough? If you were to just take a step back for a couple of minutes from your own mind, you’d see that deep down inside you are worth it. You are worthy, your ideas are valuable and people that don’t listen to you while you talk shouldn’t be part of your life.

You know you are worth much more, but you just continuously keep denying it. You’ve stopped listening to yourself and you’ve stopped valuing your ideas.

Your self-esteem has hit rock bottom, and you feel like you are constantly beneath yourself and other people. Low self-esteem occurs due to various bad past events, failures and rejections. They accumulate over time, and become emotional turmoil that block out the confidence we once had. Anyone suffering from low self-esteem knows just how limiting a life it can be.

Now, I’m going to be honest, there is no overnight cure. There are no magical words that will just get rid of your low self-esteem. You didn’t get to where you are overnight, you gradually got to having a low self-esteem, so you need to reverse the process.

Taking baby steps is the only way to completely regain the confidence that’s already within you. The emotional turmoil that’s been there for a while needs to go, so that you have space to grow your confidence. The first step to getting rid of all of the negativity that has built up over time is to accept that it’s there. It’s time to acknowledge that you’ve been allowing mistakes that you’ve made, failures that have happened and rejections that you’ve been through, to define you.

However, nothing but you – should define you. The moment you start getting rid of this negative view on life, you’ll see how your confidence starts growing. Take things slowly and focus on getting rid of all of the negativity in your life – that is the only ‘secret’ to gaining confidence.

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